5 Ecofriendly Pest Control Methods For A Healthy Garden

Are you tired of battling common garden pests like aphids, slugs, and caterpillars? Switch to eco-friendly pest control methods for a healthier garden ecosystem. In this article, we will explore the most common garden pests and the effective eco-friendly methods to combat them, like companion planting, natural predators, homemade sprays, physical barriers, and organic pesticides. … Read more

What is a Hydroponic Gardening and How to Make a Hydroponic Garden at Home?

Hydroponic garden

What is hypdrophonics? Well in a nut-shell it means growing plants without soil. Baffled? Frankly this is a very simple and yet highly scientific method of growing plants using aggregate rocks as the growing medium and a nutrient solution to supply the mineral needs of the plants. This article will give you a low-down on … Read more

Basic Guide on Using Solar Powered Garden Lights

Garden lights

What could be better than to illuminate the garden space with lights powered by a natural source like sunlight? That’s exactly what solar lighting for home garden does. When you talk about solar powered garden lights you have several options available Solar spot lights Ground stake solar lighting Hanging solar lights Solar deck and step … Read more

Should I Use Incandescent or Fluorescent Indoor Grow lights for Plants?

Garden lights

Let’s address the most frequently asked questions in the field of indoor garden lighting. Should I use “Incandescent” or “Fluorescent” lights? The color of fluorescent lights match the color of day light. The bluish tint of fluorescence is closer to the light available in the day time while the red-yellowish tint of an incandescent light … Read more

How To Take Care Of Knockout Roses?

Knockout roses

Knockout roses have been a sensation ever since they got introduced, winning the AARS award in the year 2000. The features that make knockouts stand apart from other roses are as follows: They are extremely hardy They stay disease free Extremely undemanding and low-maintenance shrubs They are floriferous, blooming continuously well into the fall Presently … Read more

Garden Edging Ideas Using Bricks, Plastic, Metal and Other Materials

Garden edging

Edging your garden beds serves a practical purpose but it should be done decoratively to add a design and look to your garden, thus combining form and value together. Nowadays there are some excellent options available to home gardeners for edging their flower beds and lawns. Edging materials come in various forms and textures made … Read more