Ideas for Gardening on a Balcony

Balcony garden plant

Many types of gardens are created on the balcony, all it needs is a little creative thinking and investment in a bit of research on the kind of plants you want to grow. There are people who have a small vegetable and herb garden on their balconies while some grow succulents and cacti to give … Read more

List of the Most Common Lawn Weeds

Lawn Weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants which grow to share space with your plants or grass, spoiling the look of the turf as well as competing for nutrition. There are few weeds which are rampant in most lawns. Find below a listing of these common weeds, with their ../images. Most common lawn weeds Chickweed :This weeds grows … Read more

Identifying & Eliminating Garden Pests

Garden pests

Vegetable gardens or flower gardens are bound to be affected by pests. You will need to be careful about using chemical pesticides since these are edible plants you are dealing with. Few tips which can be employed to reduce the onset of pest are 1. Avoid cramping plants Don’t cramp the plants together. Allow for … Read more

How to Get Started With Mulch in Your Garden?


There are several benefits to mulching your garden, they are as below: Mulch around your plant would hold water and allow the root to soak in water more. Especially useful if the soil is sandy. Mulch made from sharp objects like thin glass protect your plants from slugs and snails. Mulch prevents the growth of … Read more

How to Grow Edible Mushrooms in Your Backyard?


Growing mushrooms is quite a different ball game than growing other vegetable plants, the fact that mushrooms are fungus, and not green plants, has a lot to do with it. Mushrooms don’t contain chlorophyll, so they don’t prepare their own food but depend on other plant material like wood, hay, straw and bark for their … Read more

Designing Container Gardens for Specific Themes

Container garden

Container gardening allows you the benefit of growing the plants of your wish irrespective of your yard conditions. You can even start container gardens on concrete patios and decks. Cemented verandas and front space are great locations for container gardens. There is no limit to the varieties of flowering plants, evergreen shrubs and vines that … Read more

Types of Ornamental Grasses for Your Garden

Ornamental grass

Some 25 years ago it was quite a challenge to find grasses for landscaping. Compare it with the present day scenario where gardeners everywhere use them quite liberally in their garden, growing different types of ornamental grasses in the same landscape. There are several advantages to growing ornamental grass in your garden, a few of … Read more