Identifying & Eliminating Garden Pests

Garden pests

Vegetable gardens or flower gardens are bound to be affected by pests. You will need to be careful about using chemical pesticides since these are edible plants you are dealing with. Few tips which can be employed to reduce the onset of pest are 1. Avoid cramping plants Don’t cramp the plants together. Allow for … Read more

How to Grow Edible Mushrooms in Your Backyard?


Growing mushrooms is quite a different ball game than growing other vegetable plants, the fact that mushrooms are fungus, and not green plants, has a lot to do with it. Mushrooms don’t contain chlorophyll, so they don’t prepare their own food but depend on other plant material like wood, hay, straw and bark for their … Read more

How to Grow Plant Seeds – 8 Points to Bear in Mind

Plant seeds

The advantage you get out of growing plants from seeds is that many varieties can only be grown (that are not locally available) and it’s cheaper that buying from a nursery. You can order any variety of a specific plant simply by browsing through a mail order seed catalog or several online seed catalogs. You … Read more

How to Grow Strawberry Plant in a Pot?

Strawberry plant

Strawberry plants lend well to container gardening. To grow strawberries in strawberry pots makes it even prettier and more convenient. The second best way would be to grow strawberries in hanging pots. In this article we will discuss both these methods and provide you with tips and suggestions for the same. There are various varieties … Read more

Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Pots

Tomato plant

Tomatoes are among the vegetable plants that can be easily grown in containers or pots while generating the same yield as produced by a garden planted crop. There are several cultivars or breeds of tomatoes specifically developed for container planting. Growing tomatoes in pots is all about choosing the appropriate variety, providing the right micro-climate, … Read more

Steps to Start a Vegetable Garden for Beginners

Veggie garden

Contrary to the popular belief among beginners, vegetable gardening is not complicated. Starting off you need to be clear about a few basics of gardening vegetables. There are subtle difference between growing a flower bed and vegetable garden bed, especially the effect of climates and use of fertilizers. Before you starting a vegetable garden you … Read more

How to Grow Blueberry in Your Home Garden?

Blueberry plant

Blueberries are shrubs but lots of people just call them bushes and its ok. Growing blueberries requires less time and attention. They are woody plants and take two to three years to provide a good yield. What do blueberry plants look like? Blueberry plants look attractive that’s for sure. In case you have never seen … Read more

How To Plant A Fruit Tree?

Orange tree

This article would be better named how to plant a tree because the planting process is the same for all trees, whether it be flower trees, fruits trees or evergreen trees.   Most often than not your fruit tree plant would come in a container. Your task would be to transplant it from the container … Read more