11 Common Shrubs That Have Poisonous Berries

Wild berries

Several shrubs come up with luscious looking berries, due to their dark colors and appetizing hues but they can be very poisonous. Find below a list of shrubs with poisonous berries, take heed if you are planting them in your garden. List of shrubs which bear poisonous berries 1. Boston ivy The berries look luscious … Read more

Types of Annual Flowers for Your Home Garden

Purple flowers

Annuals vary in their sizes and their climatic requirements. Certain annual flowering plants prefer regions with warm climate while some do well in regions where cold climate is predominant. If you buy the local annuals from the nearby nursery in your area, it is a given that it would do well in your garden. If … Read more

Identifying Popular Evergreen Shrubs & Bushes

Evergreen shrub

Your choice of shrubs may vary between evergreen shrubs and flowering shrubs. The evergreen shrubs may be broad leafed or needle shaped and they come in several varieties. They stay consistently green through out and are useful as a long term landscape plan. Several evergreen bushes and shrubs grow in a dense fashion which adds … Read more

Different Types of Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs

Shrubs come in three varieties, they are: Flowering shrubs Evergreen broad leafed shrubs Evergreen needle leafed shrubs Most flowering shrubs are deciduous in the sense that they lose their leaves during fall. Some shrubs have a beautiful discoloration before the leaves fall off. Certain evergreen shrubs are flowering ones too ex Camellia. They usually bloom … Read more