Tips For Starting a New Lawn From Seed

Fresh lawn

You can either build you lawn from seeds or from sods. Some grass like buffalo grass and centipede grass comes sold as sods (small sprigs or plugs) which you can plant in your lawn. It is best to grow you lawn from seeds though, it is cheaper and you have more control. The timing is … Read more

Types of Annual Flowers for Your Home Garden

Purple flowers

Annuals vary in their sizes and their climatic requirements. Certain annual flowering plants prefer regions with warm climate while some do well in regions where cold climate is predominant. If you buy the local annuals from the nearby nursery in your area, it is a given that it would do well in your garden. If … Read more

Identifying Popular Evergreen Shrubs & Bushes

Evergreen shrub

Your choice of shrubs may vary between evergreen shrubs and flowering shrubs. The evergreen shrubs may be broad leafed or needle shaped and they come in several varieties. They stay consistently green through out and are useful as a long term landscape plan. Several evergreen bushes and shrubs grow in a dense fashion which adds … Read more

How to Plan A Garden From Scratch

Beginner garden

When you start off, all you have in a barren yard which you want to convert into a garden. The task is not as complex or arduous as it seems at first. Some simple planning and reality checks can help you decide the course of action. Once you have the suitable conditions in place you … Read more

How to Build a Compost Tumbler?


In this article we are going to look at what composting is and offer some basic instructions for building a compost tumbler or a tumbling composter. Composting is an excellent and eco friendly way of turning your kitchen and garden wastes into useful nutrient rich soil byproduct that can be vital for the healthy growth … Read more

How to Grow Plant Seeds – 8 Points to Bear in Mind

Plant seeds

The advantage you get out of growing plants from seeds is that many varieties can only be grown (that are not locally available) and it’s cheaper that buying from a nursery. You can order any variety of a specific plant simply by browsing through a mail order seed catalog or several online seed catalogs. You … Read more

How to Grow Strawberry Plant in a Pot?

Strawberry plant

Strawberry plants lend well to container gardening. To grow strawberries in strawberry pots makes it even prettier and more convenient. The second best way would be to grow strawberries in hanging pots. In this article we will discuss both these methods and provide you with tips and suggestions for the same. There are various varieties … Read more

Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Pots

Tomato plant

Tomatoes are among the vegetable plants that can be easily grown in containers or pots while generating the same yield as produced by a garden planted crop. There are several cultivars or breeds of tomatoes specifically developed for container planting. Growing tomatoes in pots is all about choosing the appropriate variety, providing the right micro-climate, … Read more